2010 Pro Bowl precedes Super Bowl

In an effort to make a meaningless, lifeless game into something entertaining and popular, the NFL has decided that next season’s Pro Bowl will be played on the empty weekend before the Super Bowl. It’s not going to work.

First, they’re automatically eliminating any players from the two best teams. Second, they’ve changed nothing but the date on the calendar.

The problem with the game is that nobody, including the players, cares about it, not that it comes after the season. Want to get me interested? There are only a couple ways to do this – pay me to watch, or have some sort of chalupa giveaway incentive. Now, money doesn’t seem to motivate players enough, and I assume they have a personal chef making their chalupas, so how about a little suspension immunity for players on the winning team? Unlicensed gun go off in a night club? Better win the Pro Bowl this year!

In other words, I don’t plan on watching the Pro Bowl to fill the void between the championship games and the Super Bowl.

3 Replies to “2010 Pro Bowl precedes Super Bowl”

  1. Damn dude… I disagree. I think that this has some promise. So what you’re missing guys from two teams. There’s 30 others to pull all-stars from. I just feel like at least they won’t be acting like pansies and we all won’t have peaked our interest. After the Super Bowl, I’m not sure I even think about football until training camp. I would say for the last 10 years, every pro bowl has been off my radar. At least this puts it on the radar. Moving it away from hawaii will make it better too.

  2. If there was only a way to recreate what goes on with the State of Origin rugby games in Australia…

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