The Nevada City Council voted 3-2 to ban medical marijuana dispensaries last night, and in an e-mail regarding the story I wrote about the vote, Vice Mayor Robert Bergman said that was an error.

I asked him to explain.

“Look at YubaNet,” Bergman wrote back. “Pascale got it right. That(sic) what we did. Still no ordinance. A ban won’t be “in place” until there’s a second reading of an ordinance. So far, the wording of an ordinance banning dispensaries has yet to be agreed on.”

My response was somewhat of the old varied cliche, are we splitting hairs here?

Is Nevada City going to allow medical marijuana dispensaries from this draft ordinance that the city staff will write up? No, they’re not.

Is Nevada City going to reverse its position on medical marijuana dispensaries when the draft ordinance banning them has been written? I’m almost positive they won’t. According to Bergman, not unless one of the three “yes” votes changes.

From our readers’ perspective: Is Nevada City going to have medical marijuana shops? Not unless someone flips their vote on the ordinance.

Is that likely? Depends on Bergman.

Essentially, dispensaries are banned just like I wrote. That won’t change. Am I wrong? You tell me.