My Week 14 NFL picks

I made my picks like five days ago. I thought I’d have time to opine on them before Sunday and that’s clearly not the case. So I post today, without comment, this week’s picks.

49ers at Cardinals
My pick: 49ers

Raiders at Packers
My pick: Packers

Browns at Steelers
My pick: Steelers

Colts at Ravens
My pick: Ravens

Falcons at Panthers
My pick: Falcons

Texans at Bengals
My pick: Bengals

Vikings at Lions
My pick: Vikings

Buccaneers at Jaguars
My pick: Buccaneers

Eagles at Dolphins
My pick: Dolphins

Chiefs at Jets
My pick: Chiefs

Saints at Titans
My pick: Saints

Bears at Broncos
My pick: Broncos

Bills at Chargers
My pick: Chargers

Giants at Cowboys
My pick: Giants

Rams at Seahawks
My pick: Seahawks