I should be glad the NFL is as awesome as it is. But my prevailing gripe with the league has to be these Thursday night games. I just find them to be wholly unnecessary to promote the league’s network. I’m sure the teams subjected to the nasty travel and shortened practice weeks would agree. But hey, what do I know? I’m just a guy who is trying to make his NFL picks in time for the first game of the week.

This week, again, I’m going mostly without comment. However, I will note that I’m finally picking the Raiders again and I’m getting used to the fact — as if I should have let it become otherwise — that I’ll be picking against the Bills going forward. Possible upset picks with the 49ers, Eagles and Seahawks.

Put your game face on, it’s Week 15.

Jaguars at Falcons
My pick: Falcons

Cowboys at Buccaneers
My pick: Cowboys

Dolphins at Bills
My pick: Dolphins

Seahawks at Bears
My pick: Seahawks

Panthers at Texans
My pick: Texans

Titans at Colts
My pick: Titans

Packers at Chiefs
My pick: Packers

Saints at Vikings
My pick: Saints

Redskins at Giants
My pick: Redskins

Bengals at Rams
My pick: Bengals

Lions at Raiders
My pick: Raiders

Browns at Cardinals
My pick: Cardinals

Jets at Eagles
My pick: Eagles

Ravens at Chargers
My pick: Ravens

Steelers at 49ers
My pick: 49ers