What was that about trading for DeMarcus Cousins?

The Sacramento Kings took a 99-81 beating against the Boston Celtics Wednesday night. It was punctuated by the Celtics’ unselfish play with six players finishing in double figures.

But my eyes were drawn to DeMarcus Cousins, the edgy center for the Kings and the rumor of many a trade bait despite many a denial by the Kings. Of all teams, the Celtics were linked to Cousins’ trade rumors incessantly, all the way up until the point Rajon Rondo was injured. Granted, these were rumors and demands fueled by fans, but they were so pervasive it became a part of the national basketball conversation. So it was fitting to see Cousins in person at the Garden (a chance to watch on TV for me) and evaluate how he’s changed over his tumultuous two years in the league.

Let’s just say there was nothing new to see.

Despite an impressionable stat sheet (17.4 ppg, 10.2 rpg) coming into Wednesday’s game, he tallied a lethargic 13 and 6 against the Celtics. At one point, it looked like Cousins was openly pouting on the court. His body language was terrible.

It’s self-evident that Cousins is a remarkably talented player and likely has a bright future in the league, given the right amount of growth. But you see the emotional baggage he carries on the court right now. The immaturity. The lack of focus.

And there are actually Celtics fans that want to see him play with KG? Please. Not only will it not happen, it shouldn’t. The Celtics rejected the same kind of player and adult project when they dropped Glen “Big Baby” Davis. There’s no need to go down that path again. Not now.