In need of an update

I have a number of new writings and videos I need to showcase. Also, I’m working on some changes here on the site. But mostly, I just need to freshen the place up. It’s kind of important I do this stuff sooner rather than later because I’m going to be going on vacation in July. Getting me to sit in front of a computer then will be impossible. So, to summarize, an update is coming soon. Cheers.

Credit confusion

Just to clarify, in case you haven’t seen my Tweets or public Facebook posts, I did not shoot any footage of the Boston Marathon finish line. That was my colleague Steve Silva. While Silva was out in the field working, I was in the office and posted his video to Because I posted the video, there was an impression that I took the video. That is not the case. I was in the office the entire time.

Thanks for checking in

Thanks to all that called or messaged today after the Marathon bombing. I was tucked away safely at the Globe, far away from any danger. But I do appreciate your thoughts and concerns, particularly because the Boston Marathon is an event that I work on each year. My head is still swirling from the events of the day. Sadly, it will be a more memorable day than any one of us had imagined. My thoughts are with my colleagues who were at the finish line when the explosions occurred. And my heart bleeds for all the victims. There’s not much else to do now but pray.

Getting the fact checks right

A couple of things are just irking me with this 2012 election coverage across the board. Mainly the fact checks. There’s a propensity to hedge on the truth, and that’s like a tick in my pants. It’s just bugging the crap out of me.

Here’s something I posted to Facebook earlier today:

I absolutely despise all of these fact checks that do not begin or end with true or false. Don’t give me a long explanation on the murkiness of the statement. It does me no good if there is no judgment on the veracity of the statement in question. And to help all those fact-checkers out there, if it’s only half true, it’s false. Boom. Simple. To the point. Stop wedging the truth and stop muddying up the issues by not being clear and direct. We have enough liars we have to deal with outside of the media for that.

Of course, somebody disagreed with me. That’s OK. I respect that and welcome healthy debates. But the argument presented was basically that there are shades of gray for issues, which is understandable. But I’m much more black and white. Here was my response:

Obviously I disagree with you ——. If something is partly true, but not fully flushed out, that’s one thing. But if a statement is built on a false premise, or otherwise murky in its setup, it’s simply false. All the nuance can go in the explanations we’re getting. But judgements still need to be handed down, especially if we’re calling them fact checks. Otherwise, it’s just analysis. There’s a place for that.

So I’ll leave that at that.

But here’s another thing: what’s up with these fact checkers using the phrase: “not entirely accurate” or “not entirely factual.” Picking on the word “accurate,” I literally (like my play on words there?) had to look it up to make sure I can be properly incredulous about the phrase’s idiocy.

  •’s definition – free from error or defect; consistent with a standard, rule, or model; precise; exact.
  • Webster’s definition – free from error especially as the result of care; conforming exactly to truth or to a standard.
  • American Heritage’s definition – Conforming exactly to fact; errorless.

So the phrase “entirely accurate” is actually very stupid, because if anything were to be accurate, then by its very definition that would be in its entirety, whatever “it” is. And furthermore, to use the phrase that something isn’t “entirely accurate” is an unnecessary use of an extra word to mask what is being conveyed. Instead, be clear and direct: It is not accurate.

That is all.

Not an expert by any means

Japan's players celebrate with the World Cup trophy after winning the final against the United States in Frankfurt, Germany. (Michael Probst / AP photo)

Did you see the World Cup final? Japan, victorious and smitten with their World Cup trophy above, beat out the Americans in an amazing match of wills and endurance. It was very enjoyable game. The US dropped its first three penalty kicks as Japan nailed three out of four to clinch the win.

But if you asked me to break it down for you — the game play, that is — I’d look like a moron.

Here’s the thing: I’ve covered a few hundred soccer games. Tons in high school and college; and now a handful of pro games. I’ve probably watched a ton more. But I’ll never consider myself an expert of the beautiful game. I am a casual fan, not much more. If you were to start a conversation about soccer strategy, soccer rules, or anything of the sort, it’ll likely just hurt my head. I’m that kind of fan.
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My Top 10 best adult cartoons ever

Every now and then I have to jot my thoughts down in list form. It seems like it was only a matter of time before I started answering the big questions in life: Who is the greatest TV wing man of all-time? Why can’t dramas make it through a full season before being canceled? And what are the best adult cartoons ever?

I can’t answer all of those questions. I have to see how Ashton Kutcher performs on the revamped Two and a Half Men first. But in the interim, I can take a crack at at least one of them. So here, counting backward, is my Top 10 list of adult cartoons all-time.

10. Ren and Stimpy (Nickelodeon) — Dark, twisted and often tinged with homosexual influences, it was a shock it lasted as long as it did on Nickelodeon before moving to Spike and MTV and finally being removed from the air after delving into more and more questionable topics. The one thing that sticks with me all these years after the show’s cancellation is Ren freaking out and yelling his patented line, “You idiot!!!!!” Love it.

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The Canadian view of Boston

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — I spent a weekend in Vancouver talking to Canucks fans before Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final to see what they thought of Boston and to get their predictions on the series. All of these people knew what was what. And they said it anyways.

Creepy men need a pick me up

JenMac looking frazzled in Copley Square in the heart of Boston. Together, we're going to help creepy men.

So I was hanging out with JenMac the other day in Boston and we ended up on a conversation about the lack of properly aggressive male suitors for women. Her issue was two-fold: Guys are pansies. And those that aren’t, are creepy.

To the latter I laughed. While I’ll readily admit that that there are some approachability issues men have, being confident and sure of oneself doesn’t make a man an automatic creep.

But she kept coming back to one lame anecdote after another about these guys using pickup lines — most of which you heard in the 90s — and basically how they all caused some sort of gag reflex.

This trend is disturbing to me. Have we really regressed as a gender back to pickup lines? Or are these the same men that have been spouting this stuff since Bill Bellamy epitomized the “player” in 1997? Maybe even further back than that.

Quick reminder: It’s 2010.
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Say anything

John Cusack said it best. Or, then again, he didn't. I should probably see the movie again.
Dear reader,

I’ve told you once or twice about doing this or that. You were with me from my days in Chico, to Grass Valley / Nevada City, and now Boston. You read my thoughts when I had writer’s block, and you read them again when I ranted about the deliriously idiotic of the sporting universe.

You’ve been a good friend.

So, there’s this weird thing that I was wondering about wondering (say that five times fast). As much as I tell you about what I want to do, where I’m going, and the thoughts and happenings of my world, there has to be some sort of stop in this ever-going conversation where you say your piece. (Are you even there some days?) According to my traffic reports, there’s a loyal group of you.

So, say something. Tell me what your website is. Tell me how things have been going. Tell me about the changes in your life, big and small. Tell me what makes you happy. And then, tell me how you’re going to stay happy. Say something already!

Say anything.