Tim Lincecum

Grant at McCoveyChronicles.com, a sports blog nation blog on the San Francisco Giants, lists his 10 reasons why the he’s not worried about Tim Lincecum after his faulty two starts to begin the season. There’s some gems in the list. Particularly:

7. Young pitchers are a static, predictable group without a propensity for wildly fluctuating performances. “If a young pitcher is good one year, he’s always good the next.” – Bill Jaymes, the well-known Dutch baseball analyst and author of The Bill Jaymes Baseball Abstrakt.


4. The fielding behind him has been atrocious. There’s no guarantee that the fielding will get better, mind you, but it seems like every miscue this season has led to runs. There will be at least some margin for error.

Check out his full post at the blog. I just joined the blog (as a fan) and I’m currently waiting for the 24-hour moratorium to end before I can post any comments. For some reason, the exclusivity makes me think it’s really cool. I could be wrong. But so far, I love the insight. That says something, right?