Not so fast, hype machine. I’m not down with flooding the internet with free content. It’s not my agenda — ever.

But there is a fundamental difference between the strategies of and One is a for-profit enterprise, however pathetic it is. It’s the one that will eventually get all my attention, if I can seem to align my priorities.

The other one, this one, is just me opining on the nuances of my digital life and career. There’s no concern for money to be involved. It’s really that simple.

So when I was looking at how this site, which carries my name, was being represented to the world, I saw what I’ll call a character flaw. It was set up in a way that made people click through their RSS feeds in order to read my content. As if I should care about the traffic. (I don’t, although I do track it.)

I think it’s unnecessary to put barriers on this site for interested readers. At least, I shouldn’t try to shut people off of reading the site from the comfort of their RSS aggregators. So I’ve changed that setting and I think it’s important to point it out because it’s an annoyance of mine for many sites. When there is no plan in place to make money off the site, there’s no need for you to care whether or not I view it on the page or from Google Reader.

So now I’m no longer a hypocrite. More power to me, and more power to the reader.