Editor’s note: This post has been updated with links and photos to other stories on the Nevada County Tweetup.

Before I could call it a night after schmoozing with the Nevada County Twitterati, I had to write a few words on the event for the newspaper.

Broad Street Bistro’s wireless waves surged Wednesday evening as the restaurant hosted Nevada County’s first-ever “tweetup.”

The tweetup, a gathering for social networking enthusiasts, was hosted by KVMR’s See Jane Do radio show crew and The Union. Media consultant and local blogger Marsha Lanier gave participants a 101 course on Twitter and Facebook.

Giovanni Paredes, who runs the weather Web site www.nevadacountyweather.com, said he enjoyed networking with fellow Twitter fans.

“I think it’s important for the community to get together and figure out what we’re doing with social media and how it can help us,” said Paredes, a Nevada City resident. “I think the growth potential is there for businesses and bloggers alike.”

Samantha Steele, who has a startup called Secret Shout based in Nevada City, took the opportunity to learn more about Twitter.

“I came because of curiosity,” Steele said. “I’ve never been to a tweetup and I just started twittering and I love it.”

It appeared, from my estimates, that there were between 50-60 people at one point packing into Broad Street Bistro. (A big thank you to Theresa for keeping the shop open for us.)

I’ve been going through all the photos I’ve seen online from the Tweetup and the various blog posts. I’ll update here with my compilation of thoughts on the event. But if you’re interested, you can search the hash tag #nctweetup for a lot of comments that have already been made.

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