I attended the Nevada County Tweetup (#nctweetup) on Thursday to show my support for Brenda Horton (@brendahorton) and Vanessa Smith’s organizational efforts to get the second Tweetup in Nevada County going.

They pulled a nice crowd of about 25-30 people at BriarPatch Co-op’s community room. I did a lame attempt to live stream some of the speaking, and then ducked out after Vanessa, aka Coach Vanessa, started to take Q&A. I had to get working on a story for the paper.

Machen MacDonald, Smith and her husband Paul Smith (@greensmith) all spoke at the event. The dialogue was very promising all the way up until the point I had to leave.

It’s surprising to see how many people who are interested in just getting to learn how to use the tool. There were many folks in the building who weren’t even signed up for the service. But, obviously, that didn’t deter their interest. Check out the video below I took (using the live stream service Qik.com) from my phone of the crowd: