What do you do when you’re pissed off at the day, the world or just down on your luck? First, put down the bottle of booze and consider another anti-depressant readily available to you: the internet.

Let me explain.

There are many places on the Web that provide uplifting, daily inspiration. It’s absolutely important to have something at your fingertips to turn to (besides the booze) for when you just need an instant laugh or smile before you go to sleep. (Remember, never go to sleep angry. It isn’t healthy for you or the people in your life.)

Here are five places I go to get an immediate laugh or smile. The trick works every time. Please pass along your suggestions in the comments:

  1. Texts From Last Night — While raunchy, sometimes graphic and totally unreadable for those disgusted by sexual humor, this is the funniest Web site on the internet right now, in my opinion. Ex.: “(310): i just defriended some girl because according to her status she ‘doesn’t give a fuck about shark week.’Ex. 2: “(614): this may or may not be the weed talking, but this is by far the best tasting toothpaste i’ve ever had.

    Many more gems available. And we can get specific about it, for those in the 415, 510 and 530.

  2. Davey Dance blog — This dude was traveling the world in 2007, and he would just stop somewhere, pick a pop song, and start dancing. It’s absolutely hilarious. Check the video below of when Davey was in Brussels.

  3. Project Rant — So you’re upset, you’re mad, you’re feeling disgusted with a particular section of the human race and in the end you just want to rant about it. You can. But I don’t suggest it. Instead, I take a peek at a selection of rants already made on Project Rant, which has a bevy of hilarious and soul-soothing irritations played out by actors. See below.

  4. The Daily Horoscope — Always positive, always readily available in the a.m. In fact, it’s one of the first things I read every day because of its positive spin. It isn’t always accurate, but it sure makes me approach the day well.

    Today’s for Libras like me:

    Parental responsibilities or commitments to others in your family can create a temporary hardship today as you try to fit everything into your schedule. It’s a real problem, for there could be more to do than is humanly possible. But unfortunately, that won’t stop you from attempting to do the impossible. The sooner you eliminate some noise from your immediate environment, the more time you’ll have available for others.

  5. Flickr – Last 7 days interesting — It’s called photography, but we know it as art for the way it makes us feel … For even making us feel. Definitely inspiring work.
    Let's Go Sailing by colinfftl in the Last 7 Days Interesting portion of Flickr.
    Let's Go Sailing by colinfftl in the Last 7 Days Interesting portion of Flickr.

2 thoughts on “5 things that are uplifting, funny and readily available online

  1. I liked the text message one and the dancing guy …..the peanut butter cracker rant was a little funny to

  2. Text message site excellent, for peep into the mores of some of the younger age cohorts.. Will check other sites later.

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