On Tuesday, I started in my new position with The Union as the beat reporter for Nevada City, Calif. It’s a switch from working part-time on the sports desk while being the online community manager. I’m now splitting time with the news desk while continuing my duties as the OCM.

This wasn’t an easy decision. I love sports and I love covering the teams out here, especially come football season. Football is half the reason I got into sports writing. The lure of Friday night lights is what drew me to Nevada County. But I also realize I came to a point where I felt like I could make a real impact from the news side, reporting with an eye out for packaging multimedia elements. (Tonight, I’m going to be doing live coverage of the Nevada City Council meeting.) That’s part of the reason why Jeff Ackerman wanted me to do this job, because he knows I have a knack for new media elements which can help broaden our appeal on TheUnion.com. And that really was the selling point for me because I still have plans of covering major league sports. This isn’t unknown to Jeff or Brian Hamilton, The Union’s sports editor.

In a sense, the geek half got the better of me. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up sports. Not now, not ever. I’m just going to move my column online to my long dependent sports blog, Addisports.com, where I’ve been opining on all things sports since 2005. (The archives don’t reflect the date, unfortunately, because more than a few times I crashed this blog in the upgrade process. Thanks WordPress.) It’s always been a place where I can write about the topics I choose, at the length I choose, and at the time I choose.

Anyways, the good thing is I’m still writing sports. The bad thing is, it won’t show up in print. So if you’re a reader of the column, or know a reader of the column, point your browser to http://addisports.com and subscribe for e-mail updates. I’ll be hoping to keep up with the same cycle as before, meaning a column every Wednesday, with other posts throughout the week.

And if you’re really keeping count of what I’m doing, and wondering aloud to yourself, how many blogs do I contribute to, the number is seven — From the Notebook, Prospector Underground, Sustainable Living, The Aggregate, Firewatch, here and Addisports.com. Crazy, right?

Technically, it’s six, because I consider this my site and not a blog, even though I’m using a blogging platform. And with The Aggregate going to the wayside, a diminished role with Prospector, and Firewatch and Sustainable Living running itself, I really only have to worry about Addisports.com and From the Notebook, The Union’s newsroom collaborative blog.

Down to two from 12. That’s pretty good for the focus.

OK, two and a half.