I’ve been looking with interest to see where the Nevada City Advocate, a new paper in my county, will land after its printers closed a couple of weeks ago. They reported the issue on their Web site at the time.

Since then, they’ve been looking for a new printer and are expecting to go to a monthly, from what I’ve been told. I’ve called around to try and gauge who will get the bid for the printing job, knowing that The Union has been crossed off the list because our press doesn’t accommodate the width size for the Advocate (35 inches). I called the Paradise Post printing press, and they said they spoke to the Advocate, quoting them a price but have not heard back from them. That was Thursday. The lady also noted that the Advocate might go to a monthly as well after speaking with Stacey Butler, editor and publisher Pat Butler’s wife and advertising director.

The word is the next issue of the Advocate is expected Labor Day weekend, meaning probably Sept. 4, with no news on where they’ve secured printing. They have a couple of options, but they all will more than likely affect the look and feel of the paper as well as possibly their editorial cycle. Although, moving to a monthly may do that as well.

5 thoughts on “NC Advocate going monthly

  1. You may be right. I think it would change the whole business model, and drastically change the product. I’m just guessing, but that’s why they may not have another issue till Labor Day because of this reinvention of the product.

  2. Zuri, Robert – is there a formal definition between ‘newspaper’ and ‘newsmagazine’? The Economist calls itself “the world’s olders newspaper” and is clearly in a format that we would call a newsmagazine.

    Also, what kind of content do you think the Advocate should emphasize in, say, a monthly edition that would complement the Union and the local blogs?

  3. George, the short answer is no. But I think it boils down to concept, rather than verbiage. A daily is very different from a weekly. And a monthly is in a whole ‘nother ball park. Because the editorial cycles are dramatically different, it makes analysis that much more important rather than, say, event coverage. It would help differentiate the product from what The Union and KNCO do. When it comes to the local blogs though, I’m not so sure there is a need to differentiate the content explicitly with blogs in mind. Nobody I know of is going to all of the meetings and events like the local news orgs.

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