I was recently elected to be the president of the Sacramento Black Journalists Association at our members’ Sept. 3 meeting. It’s not something I take lightly because I am now the caretaker of the organization.

Because of this honor bestowed upon me, I’m now on a mission to invigorate the base membership of the association and in turn provide value to the greater Sacramento valley with another strong organization that represents a minority-based group, dedicated to fairness and accuracy in the media.

Being involved in SacBJA, much like the National Association of Black Journalists, has its benefits twofold: The interconnectedness of its members is invaluable when networking and the camaraderie of our colleagues provides a cloak for refuge. From my experience, it is both a service and familial organization.

What doesn’t change from chapter to chapter with NABJ, is the association’s watchdog role on the media. Again, demanding fairness when covering blacks and minorities alike. But there’s also a never-ending pursuit to better ourselves as journalists through professional development and an unwavering support for young journalists of color who hope to break into a transitioning industry.

This is part of our core beliefs. I’ve been given a huge responsibility to hold that up for the Sacramento area and I’m looking forward to it for the next year.

2 thoughts on “Working with the Sacramento Black Journalists Association

  1. Congrats! I know you will do well. You have already done so much as a Vice-President for SacBJA…..in a couple of years you can be my running mate when I run for NABJ President!

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