Changes for me and my Web site(s)

What’s new at 25, you might ask? A lot actually. I’ve left The Union, I’ve deleted my MySpace account and I’m two steps away from launching a magazine-style sports theme for

Here on my personal site, I’ve also made quite a few adjustments to the blog rolls (wiped out the inactive and deactivated links) and altered the Nevada County page to be the “Friends” page, where the work of folks I’ve been in contact with over the years, some in Nevada County, are highlighted. You’ll also notice, I’ve edited the Pictures page. Sorely needed updates on the site, all around.

I’m in the middle of transitioning right now, so there’s plenty more to do. But I wanted to make sure I got an entry out there that at least broached the topic of change.

More info to come, soon enough.

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  1. Also, how odd is it that every time someone drops MySpace they have to make it a public announcement? I mean, just drop it already right. Yet, there I go, making it all big and mighty like anybody cares. Silly Zuri.

  2. Zuri
    Thanks so much for sharing a table at the Superbowl/Gillette table. I enjoyed talking to you about coming here to NE and all the rest of playing FB during HS Knee problems and all. We (HCAT-Holliston Cable Access) were thrilled to be there-Our Holliston Team was also thrilled to be there.. they were there because of the passing of the the the player Joey Larracey who died during the pre-season death during the previous season…. We were so impressed that they had already made it this far……..again thanks…. Lisa Hedick….hope to hear from you

  3. Thanks for stopping by Lisa. It would’ve been great if Holliston won that game for Joey, but I hope they don’t view the loss as a disappointment. They had an amazing season and there’s a lot of pride to take from that. Cheers.

  4. My apologies for taking so long to respond. I’m using Disciple. You can find this theme in the WordPress directory and at the designer’s Web site, Mind you, this theme is outdated in many respects. But I love it and I can’t find something with three columns worth changing to. Seriously.

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