I have, and always will have, @addisports as a Twitter name. But I also have @zuriberry — just in case.

I’m considering breaking the emergency glass right now.

It was a calculated move to make sure I could use either, if I chose to do so any day. That day is coming closer because there is a weird inner sense that I’m not doing my personal branding justice by splitting my name recognition between Addisports and this beautiful Swahili thing I got going on. 😉

It really wasn’t well thought out (or overly thought, depending on the time of day) when I started tweeting. I just kind of rolled with what started a long time ago.

So here are the options now:

  1. Change the name on Twitter from @addisports to @zuriberry, keeping intact all of my followers and the people I follow. The con here is that it may confuse those that have never seen the handle.
  2. Start using both simultaneously, gradually shifting @addisports to solely sports tweets and addisports.com related content. One of the positives is that I could use @zuriberry for Boston.com stuff. They have a Twitter tools page with all of the Twitter users on staff and feeds that are automated. The con here is that I don’t really want multiple accounts. Seriously.
  3. Stand pat. Do nothing. Continue to have a troubled mind. I don’t like this option.

So what, say you? One, two or three? Answer below.

4 thoughts on “Personal identity crisis: What should my Twitter name be?

  1. I vote for the beautiful Swahili. Going an alternate route for your name would make sense if you were John Smith or some equally Anglo-Saxon and boring. In your case, I don’t know many Zuris in the news biz, so your real name is unique enough to have it stand out on a Twitter feed.

    1. I just realized that my Gravatar wasn’t working because I have two accounts. On my own Web site nonetheless. Silly me.

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