Far be it of me to believe ESPN likes to hype gimmicks. But the professed WWL is know for its flashy graphics and flawless designs, both online and on TV. And if there’s a knock to be made about the company’s cool flashiness, is that it can be excessive.

However, today’s question is not about usage, but about what is the next step for said WWL? We’ll likely get a glimpse of that soon.

Today, ESPN announced it would be launching a 3-D network.

Here’s a bit of what was posted on the Web site today:

ESPN 3D will showcase a minimum of 85 live sporting events during its first year, beginning June 11 with the first 2010 FIFA World Cup match, featuring South Africa versus Mexico, ESPN and ABC Sports president George Bodenheimer announced.

Other events to be produced in 3-D include the 2011 BCS National Championship Game, college basketball and football contests, up to 25 World Cup matches and the Summer X Games. Additional events will be announced at a later date.

“ESPN’s commitment to 3-D is a win for fans and our business partners,” Bodenheimer said in a statement. “ESPN 3D marries great content with new technology to enhance the fan’s viewing experience and puts ESPN at the forefront of the next big advance for TV viewing.”

Read the full story here: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/news/story?id=4796555

ESPN has testing 3-D technology for the last two years, according to the report. One wonders if 3-D technology has advanced enough for viewers to actually care to tune in, whether or not separate eyewear will have to be purchased to enjoy the channel and whether or not the technology necessary to produce the broadcasts will be unobtrusive to the sports being played.

None of these questions were announced in its announcement.

I’m all for the hype if it’s possible and looks good. I mean jaw wide open good. But I’ll hesitate on those expectations, especially after watching Jame Cameron’s blockbuster movie “Avatar” in 3-D. If anything, it just made the weird alien sexual tension just all the more whack. Oh, and it was incredibly underutilized for the hype.

Can we expect the same? I’ll be sure to tune in for the South Africa-Mexico game to find out.

3 thoughts on “ESPN prepares to launch 3-D channel

  1. It seems everyone is jumping on the idea of 3-D being a viable concept for future in-home entertainment technology. I just don’t buy it — literally. It smacks of Sony’s Beta format, which died a slow and painful death during the format wars of the early 1980s.

  2. The idea of watching sports in 3-D sounds inviting to me. But lots of questions need to be answered which could make people un-easy. We shall see!

  3. Sounds like too much. It’s one thing to see a movie in 3D, it’s another to have a channel and be constantly putting on those glasses or whatever. Seems like too much of that would F up your eyesight, wouldn’t it?

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