I’m happy to report that I had an awesome first week of high school football in Massachusetts. For the majority of my regular readers, you don’t care. But I think there’s a couple of points I’d like to hit on here anyways.

  1. The competition is still burning — I’m watching with great interest how ESPN Boston as well as the Boston Herald go forward with their high schools coverage. After this last weekend, I’m sure that the Globe’s No. 1 competitor is still the Herald. There’s simply not enough manpower at ESPN to handle the output that the Globe and the Herald offer. (I got some shit last week or so for writing about the competition in Boston. I wonder if those people are still mad.) And Danny Ventura, the high schools sports editor at the Herald, surprised me with his new Hot Shots video show and feature. I thought that was a cool idea. With our show The Huddle launching and Danny V’s Hot Shots coming out, the ESPN crew followed with a new podcast. That was a quick adjustment to an obviously changing media landscape. At least as far as the websites go.
  2. The Huddle came out great — I was very pleased with the first installment of the show on Monday and the views it has already received. I expect the viewership to rise with more promotion and some in-house advertising. You can watch the video below here.

At one point, maybe a couple months back, a friend of mine in journalism said Boston would be a great place to do a study on for its abundance of sports media. Doing a study sounds like a bright idea right now. What’s interesting is more than what critics usually churn out, but the actual moves each company has made and is making, where they are putting their resources and what they consider to be important (not always the same thing). And, in the end, the relationship that the employees of each company have with each other. Colleagues in arms is the motto in some corners (Patriots writers) and every man, woman and child for themselves in others (Red Sox).

If only I could print it all.

Either way, I’ll continue to update my readers, family and friends (whether they like it or not) on the good, the bad, and the ugly in Boston media as well everything else. I’ve been tired, but that’s not stopping me. Matter of fact, nothing is stopping me.