Just changed my Twitter handle from @addisports to @zuriberry.

It’s the end of the Addi-Sports era. Some of you may recall I used to have a website by the same name. And for some of my long-time friends, you’d know that I had a column by the same name as far back as 2003.

What is, or was, Addi-Sports and addisports? Addicted to sports. It was the name of the column I started when I first began writing for my college newspaper almost 8 years ago. As time progressed, it became the name of my blog on this very website. And when I got ambitious, it became its own website and semi-business venture. And then I killed it.

I’d been thinking about changing the name for some time. There was no longer a brand to associate with the name. No more column. No more website. No reason to keep a name while masking my own.

So now you know exactly who you’re talking to.