Greg Lee Jr.
Part of what I do for my 9 to 5 is write about sports, shoot videos and edit this very popular website. I also do a little bit of editing and website maintenance on the side for the National Association of Black Journalists. I don’t do nearly as much as I should, as my job takes precedent, but I am involved with the organization more than a lot of regular dues paying members.

In fact, I’ve been penciled in as the Vice President of the Boston Association of Black Journalists. (More on this later … probably way later.) I’m the former, and very brief, president of the Sacramento Black Journalists Association. (A month after I was voted in, I accepted my job in Boston.) So I have an outward but intimate understanding of the goings of the national organization. It helps that the Globe’s Sr. Assistant Sports Editor Greg Lee Jr. is the organization’s treasurer and is now running for the association’s presidency, something I support.

So I say all this because it is an election year, and Greg, who I consider a friend, is the best candidate going forward. I helped launch his website today, and I’ll likely help him maintain it going forward.

So good luck to Greg. But mostly, stick it to ’em.