My favorite cartoons seem to be pretty popular on the internet.

Yeah, I know, you’re getting sick of these end-of-year lists. But I like ’em. Particularly when I’m not gaming you for clicks in doing so. It’s good to look back and see what I wrote right here that people were reading. By far, the leading post on the site was on my favorite adult cartoons. That one has been extremely popular in the SEO department and looks like it will continue to be so going forward. But also folks have shown strong interest in my take on Madrid. A referral tweet from @BostonDotcom pushed one of my posts to another level and I got some student interest in Boston when writing about’s new paywall. See the full list below. And no, I won’t be mad if you want to read some of this stuff.

  1. Top 10 best adult cartoons of all-time
  2. What was Madrid like? Awesome
  3. The test: Bruins + Storify
  4. Carmelo Anthony to the Lakers wouldn’t be the change L.A. hopes it’ll be
  5. Is San Francisco a baseball city?
  6. The paywall goes up at
  7. What’s the worst thing you can do to your own website?
  8. World Cup recap: Not an expert by any means
  9. A few silly ideas about the 49ers, Patriots and my Week 13 NFL picks
  10. Feliz ano Nuevo