OK, I’m ready to reveal the big news. I’ve accepted a position at WFAE in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I’ll be the managing editor for news and digital. I’ll start the new job in February.

I’ve had eight great years in Boston. I started a family here for goodness sake. I’ve got roots here! And for someone who didn’t think they’d be here beyond a couple of years, it’s bittersweet to leave, especially when I’ve had such a good time at the Boston Herald. I really considered the Herald as my home, a place I would not leave for a long time, if at all. But this is a tremendous opportunity, both to lead and grow, professionally and personally. The prospect of working in public media has been enticing to me for some time and I can’t think of another situation where I’ll get the same chance to shape a growing news outlet.

As for the Herald, I’m going to miss the entire crew. Joe Sciacca has been great to me and I couldn’t have asked for a better boss. There are so many others that have just been outstanding colleagues. I’d go to war with this lot.

I’m also very thankful for Ebony Reed, who suggested me to Sciacca in the first place, Nicole Kieser, who saw something in me to take me on at WFXT. And then there is Matt Pepin, who was my editor at The Boston Globe and Boston.com, and David Beard and Joe Sullivan, who made the decision to bring me on at the Globe so I could write, shoot, and edit sports (and Greg Lee Jr. who first put my name forward). Who knew my arrival would also coincide with a run of four Boston championships (in seven appearances). I wouldn’t be here without these folks.

And a big shout out to all the Bostonians I’ve befriended over the years, particularly those who have voiced their concerns about coverage decisions and have pushed for their stories to be told. Thank you! Of course, I’m also thankful for my chapter members of the Boston Association of Black Journalists, all of whom I consider dear friends.

I’m sure that I could name more people, thank more people and be more nostalgic. No mas. Onward. Always forward. Always grateful.