I was @addisports, now I’m @zuriberry

Just changed my Twitter handle from @addisports to @zuriberry.

It’s the end of the Addi-Sports era. Some of you may recall I used to have a website by the same name. And for some of my long-time friends, you’d know that I had a column by the same name as far back as 2003.

What is, or was, Addi-Sports and addisports? Addicted to sports. It was the name of the column I started when I first began writing for my college newspaper almost 8 years ago. As time progressed, it became the name of my blog on this very website. And when I got ambitious, it became its own website and semi-business venture. And then I killed it.

I’d been thinking about changing the name for some time. There was no longer a brand to associate with the name. No more column. No more website. No reason to keep a name while masking my own.

So now you know exactly who you’re talking to.


This is pretty much how I felt when I was thinking about all of the things I do and whether or not they were leading me to the goals I wanted to achieve, eventually spurring me to shut down Addisports.com.

So watch the video below. But bloggers, do yourself a favor and check this man’s website. The original post is here.

End of an era, a personal death

Editor’s note: This was originally posted on Addisports.com, headlined “Writing our online obituary.”

How fitting ... a Red Sox casket.

Nobody’s died. At least not a person. But in a few days, I’m going to end the life of AddiSports.com for reasons that should be apparent: I just don’t have any time or energy for it.

This is very unfortunate because I kept thinking that with enough attention to the site and the proper love and devotion one would need to give in order to expand their online presence, it would grow into something fortuitous and possibly generate secondary income. Alas, that is still possible. But my time for such endeavors is not.
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Redesign this!

Do you like my new digs? I’m actually still getting used to it. One of the biggest changes for me was the new favicon. Don’t it look purty?

If you’ve been following for the last four years or so, I’ve been going with the blue Z.

Twenty-10 had to be different. The change had to be seismic, in tune with my goals and updated for the new challenges ahead between the three Web sites I am charged with maintaining.
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Keeping it simple in 2010

First of all, I’ve been warned: It’s “twenty ten.” Not “two thousand ten.”

Be cool, and just accept this.

Second, I did have a couple of New Year’s resolutions I’d like to share:

  1. Blog the effin’ crap outta Addisports.com — I’ve amped up the potential of the site with a redesign, utilizing Arras Theme, and I’m hoping that with a new look the site will have a totally different feel for the new year. This continues what I started a long time ago with last year’s resolutions and prior goals.
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Personal identity crisis: What should my Twitter name be?

I have, and always will have, @addisports as a Twitter name. But I also have @zuriberry — just in case.

I’m considering breaking the emergency glass right now.

It was a calculated move to make sure I could use either, if I chose to do so any day. That day is coming closer because there is a weird inner sense that I’m not doing my personal branding justice by splitting my name recognition between Addisports and this beautiful Swahili thing I got going on. 😉

It really wasn’t well thought out (or overly thought, depending on the time of day) when I started tweeting. I just kind of rolled with what started a long time ago.

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And like bam! I’m back

Just put a plan to get back on track with addisports.com. Got one post up, which is the first step, on a long road. Read my reaction to getting my tail kicked in the “Alcoholics Anonymous” fantasy football league.

As always, more to come.

Changes for me and my Web site(s)

What’s new at 25, you might ask? A lot actually. I’ve left The Union, I’ve deleted my MySpace account and I’m two steps away from launching a magazine-style sports theme for Addisports.com.

Here on my personal site, I’ve also made quite a few adjustments to the blog rolls (wiped out the inactive and deactivated links) and altered the Nevada County page to be the “Friends” page, where the work of folks I’ve been in contact with over the years, some in Nevada County, are highlighted. You’ll also notice, I’ve edited the Pictures page. Sorely needed updates on the site, all around.

I’m in the middle of transitioning right now, so there’s plenty more to do. But I wanted to make sure I got an entry out there that at least broached the topic of change.

More info to come, soon enough.