Video: What should Brett Favre do?

Another parody of LeBron James’ “What should I do?” commercial. A lot of penis jokes in this one though. However, perhaps they’re well deserved. I find myself rolling over in the end segment with him talking about his “Peyton Man-thing” and “Danny Woodhead.” You knew Woodhead was gonna be mentioned. Overall, great satire.

A turnover special, referees put Saints in Super Bowl

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints, beneficiaries of six fumbles (three lost) and two interceptions as well as two questionable calls by the referees in overtime, giving the “Who Dat” nation a superb 31-28 overtime victory against the bumbling Minnesota Vikings.

Somewhere in Louisiana, kicker Garrett Hartley is getting laid.

Hartley’s 40-yard game-winning field goal came on the heels of a questionable catch by Robert Meachem (trapped on the ground) and a phantom pass interference penalty on the Vikings’ Ben Leber (barely touched him). Both plays put the Saints in just enough distance for the second-year player to nail the field goal comfortably.

But don’t think these minuscule observations are reason to believe the Saints won — or rather the Vikings lost. The game’s result is a product of all four quarters. And in this case, five. The Vikings played like crap, losing the turnover battle which proved to be the team’s downfall.

All week long, critics remarked that if the New York Jets had beaten the Indianapolis Colts Sunday, it would’ve been ironic because it was the Colts who could’ve knocked the Jets out of the playoffs before they even got started. Well that didn’t happen. But as the Vikings and Saints game wore on, casual observers could note how many times the Vikings could’ve put the Saints away (twice) if they had not turned the ball over. Their mistakes came back to bite them.

Adrian Peterson, a fantasy treasure, accelerated his abnormal fumbling adding two on the day (nine on the season) and Brett Favre ended his third consecutive season (with three different teams) on an interception. Two of those games were in the NFC championship.

While the Vikings might have lost this game, the Saints certainly played their part. The combination of Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas at running back, carried New Orleans throughout the game. And despite only 69 yards rushing between them, and only one touchdown, they each came up with huge plays to give the Saints new life and capitalize on Minnesota’s mistakes. Thomas’ 4th-and-inches run proved pivotal and Bush’s 5-yard screen pass for a touchdown in the fourth quarter was a key turning point.

A couple of storylines that will most definitely appear after this game:

  • What will Brett Favre do next? — I’m soooo glad we don’t have to go through two weeks of Favre stories. But I’m sad that now we’ll be subjected to six to seven months of Favre watch.
  • New Orleans is playing in its first ever Super Bowl — With all that New Orleans has been through, this positive is long overdue.
  • Peyton Manning vs. Drew Brees — The inevitable great quarterback matchup. I’ll likely dissect this one here.
  • Peyton Manning vs. Archie Manning’s legacy team — Ain’t nothing like a good ol’ family story about how Peyton will be facing the team of his father.

Is there something I’m forgetting?

NFL championship picks: Bandwagon silly

Whoa is me for jumping on the bandwagon this week, but I must. Like any rabid fan of the game, I’m getting caught up in the hoopla of personalities and stardom.

This weekend is gonna be off the hook.

Here’s my picks:

Jets (+8 1/2) over the COLTS
The Jets game will be shocking — again — because the two team’s on the field will be so dynamically different than ever before. On one end, the Colts will pass first and run second. On the other, the Jets will run first, run second, and think about passing third. It’s the tale of the defenses that will push these teams forward. The Colts and Jets both have amazing defenses with exceptional position players. But the advantage is obviously tilted in the Jets’ favor (ranked first in overall yardage allowed versus the Colts defense which is ranked 18th). It’s no big secret that Mark Sanchez will be focused on game management rather than winning with his arm. Every down of this game will be interesting. It’s why I think it’ll be my favorite of the two.

SAINTS (-4) over the Vikings
I guess it’s my New Orleans roots (my mom and dad both have ties to the area, while my grandma continues to be a fan of her hometown team). Part of me wants New Orleans to explode. The other part wants to see Brett Favre fail shamelessly. No doubt, the Vikings’ quarterback is the key to this matchup. If NO can get in the face of the 40-year-old runnerup MVP, the Saints will march their way to the Super Bowl. For what is usually a shoddy run defense from the Saints (21st overall), onlookers won’t have to worry about that for this game. Brad Childress has shown time and time again that he will forget the rushing game with his man crush on Favre. Not so similarly, the Vikings rush defense is second overall. The Saints will have to, at one point, depend on Drew Brees’ arm. I’ll take that chance with the home field advantage.

Last week: 1-3
Playoffs: 2-5 (didn’t pick Pats-Ravens in the wildcard)

Simple question: Which game will be better?

We’re loaded with stars this Sunday, with the NFC and AFC championships occurring.

Slated to play (as if you didn’t know) is Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings against Drew Brees, Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saints for the NFC.

For the AFC, Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets take on Peyton Manning and the supposed-to-be-spotless Indianapolis Colts.

Mind you, this isn’t a “who do you think will win?” question. This is a, “which game will be better?”

I’m leaning on the Jets-Colts game because they are both so dynamically different, it will be interesting to watch both teams on both sides of the ball. What do you think?

Is Brett Favre really done? I hope so

Boo hoo. Get a real job.
Boo hoo. Get a real job.
This old quarterback has become quite comical. And while he’s been a stellar athlete in his umpteen professional years (18 to be exact), the availability of his service became so much of a sideshow to the NFL, I honestly thought Michael Vick might be upstaged in media hours this week.

Oh no, not when it comes to Brett Favre. He had it to finally go ahead and make a decision, when all eyes and ears were finally off of the circus in Minnesota. Turns out, those two days of Vick coverage possibly jolted him back to reality — one where he knows he’s not the center of the universe and there are other more gifted, athletic and young quarterbacks waiting to take the throne he has held. Or, I should say, once held.

With 464 touchdowns (and 310 interceptions), a couple of Super Bowls and penchant for dawdling on retirement, Favre is myopic, iconic and problematic. (These things come in threes.) The cream of the crop of the old gun slingers, and he’s besieged by his own youthful demons. The only person benefiting from his continued existence as a professional football player in this mental capacity is Favre himself. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about team. It’s about him. And seeing how he’s not the amazing quarterback he was five years ago (maybe 10), he did the Vikings a favor by not screwing up their long term goals. Can we finally say, good riddance? I hope so. Because I don’t want another update on him and his wishy washy mind.

Week 17 Rooting Interests

Dallas Cowboys – First and foremost, let’s get America’s Team and God’s Team, which by no coincidence happen to be the same team, into the playoffs. If Arizona can make it, and either San Diego or Denver can make it, I feel like the Cowboys deserve to make it. And I deserve it. I’ve been good this year. If they don’t beat the Eagles, at least they’ll have ripped my heart out early this year and I can enjoy the playoffs.

Detroit Lions – To lose. It’s more accurate to say I’m rooting for the Lions to lose than I am for the Packers to win. I want to see the first 0-16 team; I couldn’t care less how many wins the Packers finish with. After Detroit completes the worst possible season, I’d like them to be in the playoffs next year, cause man that sucks. I’d also like to demand a trade for Calvin Johnson. If he’s not going to say it, I will. He might have been my most reliable fantasy player, and I can only wonder what he might’ve done on a real team.

San Diego Chargers – I hate the idea of an 8-8 team winning their division and going to the playoffs. The winner of the AFC West should be irrelevant to the playoffs. But since somebody has to “win” it, I’m going with the Chargers. They’re more talented and could do more damage in the postseason, and they’ve had a few unlucky breaks along the way coughEdHochulicough. Denver, meanwhile, started 3-0 and should’ve clinched the division midway through the season. There’s no way it should’ve come down to a week 17 winner-take-all. Screw em. They don’t deserve it.

Miami Dolphins – Again, any team that wants to give their playoff ticket away as badly as the Jets do, I want to let them. Seeing Chad Pennington keep Brett Favre and the Jets out of the playoffs while leading his team in will just be icing on the cake.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I just think it’s funny every time a coach that Al Davis fires (or trades I guess) comes back to beat him and the Raiders. I’m praying they let Tom Cable go and he wins the Super Bowl with the Lions next year.

Minnesota Vikings – I just hate the Giants. God I hate them so much.