Thursday sucked; My brackets are toast

The man upstairs doesn’t like me. He just torpedoed my favorites while still rewarding my upsets.

This is why I claim to know nothing of March Madness, and subsequently, don’t put any money on brackets.

It’s pretty trendy, as sports writers come, to claim “expert” on a multitude of subjects. Basketball is a hot choice. And with the proliferation of the word “expert,” we’re seeing more and more folks lose their humility in the journalism business and cry upset every time their team loses.

That’s BS in my book. I don’t claim to know anything about college basketball. (Except for John Wall. I know who John Wall is.) Or tennis. Or golf. Or NASCAR. Or the Kansas City Royals. It’s much like I don’t claim to know anything about college football, however much more I watch.

A pretty esteemed writer for the Boston Globe wrote a month or so back about college basketball, and while doing so made a very apt point. He noted the differences between those of us who watch college basketball prior to March, and those of us who just care come bracket time.

My question for him, and folks like him, is simple: Why should I care? I’ve got the NBA, NFL, and Major League Baseball (minus the Triple-A Kansas City Royals and such) to worry about. And let me tell you another thing, the offseasons of the big three are more important than four days of golf (the Masters) will ever be.

I’m just a stick and ball kinda guy. And just at the pro level, at that. However, the irony is I cover high school sports for a living. My passions can’t get more complicated than that.

Friday picks

Here are my remaining teams in the NCAA bracket after Thursday’s genocide, the effects of which you will not see here until Round 2. For Thursday’s scores, click here.


Cal over Louisville

Duke over AR Pine Bluff

Texas A&M over Utah St.

Purdue over Siena


West Virginia over Morgan State

Temple over Cornell

Missouri over Clemson

Wisconsin over Wofford


Michigan St. over New Mexico St.

Georgia Tech over Oklahoma St.

Ohio St. over UCSB

Maryland over Houston


Xavier over Minnesota

Oakland over Pittsburgh

Florida St. over Gonzaga

Syracuse over Vermont

Bracketology: Thursday picks with absolutely no explanation

Because I have no idea what I’m doing, I read people who I think do. For starters, I always give a nod to Boston Globe Sports Editor Joe Sullivan, who has a nice analysis of each of Thursday’s games on’s College Sports blog. And that’s pretty much where it ends. So read it.

(Also, I’m using Yahoo’s schedule of events because I’m also playing in their tournament pick’em. You can find the full schedule of Thursday’s games here.)

Otherwise, here we go:


(7) BYU over (10) Florida

(2) Kansas St. over (15) North Texas

(4) Vanderbilt over (13) Murray St.

(5) Butler over (12) UTEP


(1) Kansas over (16) Lehigh

(3) Georgetown over (14) Ohio

(6) Tennessee over (11) San Diego St.


(2) Villanova over (15) Robert Morris

(3) Baylor over (14) Sam Houston St.

(6) Notre Dame over (11) Old Dominion

(10) St. Mary’s over (7) Richmond


(1) Kentucky over (16) E. Tennessee St.

(3) New Mexico over (14) Montana

(6) Marquette over (11) Washington

(8) Texas over (9) Wake Forest

Round 1, Day 2 picks are forthcoming. Also, you may be wondering why I have not just posted my entire bracket. I would, but I’m reserving the right to change things all day today until Yahoo cuts me off. For instance, I had Kansas losing in the Sweet 16 to Maryland (high hopes) five minutes ago. Now I have them in the Final Four. Give me a couple more hours and I may have them back in the Elite Eight. Just saying.

And it begins.

What is Pete Carroll thinking???

What is Pete Carroll thinking? I'll tell you. He's trying to get good rest.
If the rumors are true, as the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and other outlets are reporting, University of Southern California coach Pete Carroll is in the negotiation stage of becoming the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks as well as president of the team.

This is a bad thing for Pete Carroll and a bad thing for major college football.

Besides going back to an otherwise unsuccessful venture in the NFL (Carroll is 33-31 in four NFL seasons), he’s leaving what could possibly be a dynasty as one of America’s proudest institutions of college football — despite allegations of wrongdoing in the Reggie Bush era. His team, his name and the Trojan symbol are all synonymous with college football success.

Carroll made that happen.

More importantly, year in and year out, he brings the Pac-10 — the west coast — legitimacy in major college football. Losing him is a blow to other Pac-10 teams who continually fail to reach major bowls, thus missing out on all of the money that is split between the universities.

Seattle on the other hand, is a lost cause. Stuck with a quarterback who they think is franchise-worthy (Matt Hasselbeck), burdened by a lack of dominant running options (Julius Jones, Justin Forsett), and a defense that ranked 24th in overall in the NFL, they are a project in the making.

This is going to require an overhaul. Is Pete up for that? Apparently so. Is it a smart decision. I don’t think so.

This is what I’ll call a “what-if” decision. I’m sure Pete, who has won national championships and is at the top of the college football echelon, wakes up in the middle of the night every offseason or so and thinks to himself, “Could I be this good in the NFL? What if I stuck it out?”

Every man wants to test the waters and be successful at the highest levels of his profession. It’s what makes the good guys (and gals) tick. The problem is, folks like Pete don’t realize how they’ve already proven to all onlookers that they’re the best at what they do, and that a new job at a higher level, isn’t going to change that perception.

He will always be one of the greatest coaches in football history. That’s cemented.

But here’s the trick: Pete, and other coaches and players like him, are never proving anything to us. It’s about those burning questions that keep them up at night. Right now, he’s working on proving to himself whether or not he can do it. All we can do is watch in amusement, in what could be a train wreck for a dynasty.

Alabama vs. Texas: Who are you rooting for?

Two teams, two colleges and two states I don’t give two …. well you get the picture.

This is not like USC-Texas in 2005, when I was openly celebrating a California-Texas rivalry — even though I don’t care for Southern California much. It doesn’t have the allure of that hype.

Yes, it’s the national championship, so the fervor is always there. But the fandom is lacking. These BCS games don’t feel like real championships. And as long they’re decided by some computer and a subjective voting process, they’ll always feel questionable.

So I really could care less who wins. But with that being stated, I do hope that Alabama pulls it out and smashes the Longhorns. Nothing against Colt McCoy, but I hate Texas. There’s something weird about that state. I used to joke with a college professor of mine that everything weird happens in either Texas or Florida. I wasn’t that far off from being right.

Tune in, 8 p.m. EDT (5 p.m. PDT) on ABC to see who wins between Texas and Alabama in the BCS “National Championship.” I’ll be live tweeting the game from home. Follow me at @addisports.

Mike Leach called a Code Red

And here I thought everyone loved “A Few Good Men.”

Too bad Mike Leach would be a terrible Col. Jessep. He’d have no compelling speech (even though his lawyers intend to craft one) in which to base his silly hazing on receiver Adam James, who was punished for getting a concussion apparently.

Lies in Leach’s eyes. Hysteria for the sports world.

He actually told James to stand in a small, dark room and not leave or he would be kicked off the team (if you believe James). If that’s not a special kind of crazy, I don’t know what is.

Urban Meyer hype is out the window

Florida is going crazy after the announcement that Gators coach Urban Meyer was resigning. Sad day in Gainseville -- and on ESPN.
It’s really a cultural thing more than anything else.

When news hit that University of Florida football coach Urban Meyer was resigning due to health concerns, the whirlwind was imminent. After it was announced live during the North Carolina-Pittsburgh bowl game, Gatorzone, the official site of the Florida Gators, went down.

First thought: It’s going to be one of those bowl weeks.
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Both NCAA championships are gonna suck

After North Carolina obliterated Michigan State in the men’s NCAA basketball championship 89-72, I’m hard pressed to believe we’re going to survive another day without another massacre on national television.

If you recall, UConn’s women (38-0) have beaten Louisville (34-4) twice this year, including once in early March. The Huskies blew away the Cardinals 75-36 March 10, and 93-65 Jan. 26. The spread on game is -16.5 in favor of the Huskies.

These have got to be the most boring matchups in NCAA championship history. Double it with the fact that the Major League Baseball season opened (officially) today, and there wasn’t much incentive to stay on CBS for the game.

How can anyone sit through games like this without some money on it?